MARI Practitioner Training

On-line trainings are now ‘self-paced’

This is an exciting new format that allows you to set your own pace while still receiving ‘live’ support.

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The MARI training experience is accomplished of approximately 6 weeks of study that involves ‘live-time’ meetings with me as well as self-paced assignment between these live sessions.  Each session is 2-hours in length and usually held at the same time weekly.  Day and times will vary to accommodate the trainees needs and classes are limited to 4 trainees a cycle.  Another great bonus to having small and intimate sessions is that trainees are able to ‘sit in’ and review a training session in the initial 12 months of their MARI training as a way of reinforcing their learning experience.  The MARI kit is reasonably price as test kits go for $325 plus shipping and the training fee is $799 for the initial training, supervision, and full certification.

See the main MARI website at:

PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE! —  (with Pay Pal–6 months same as cash financing)

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