Change Your FOODITUDE!

We all know WHAT to do—but how do we actually DO IT!

You will learn to remove your own personal road blocks.
In fact-most of your poor eating and exercise habits are part of your currently unfocused “trance” state.  How many times have you mindlessly reached into a bag for more-only to realize you’ve already emptied out the bag!

Fooditude is about learning a SELF hypnosis practice to become more aware and focused on good eating habits rather than being constantly haunted by all your negative eating habits.  We will also explore your ability to impact and enhance your metabolism — allowing you to get the most out of your workouts for more effective weight loss, flexibility, and strength building.

YES!  The power of our thoughts — both positive and negative — has been clinically proven to impact how our bodies respond.  Just ask me about my own life-time experience and struggles with weight and fitness!  If you feel you’re struggling to lose weight — or to even maintain a fit and healthy body or lifestyle — you have nothing to lose by giving the program a try, except extra pounds and frustration!

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